Music on the journey: Billy vs Kanye

Music and travel have always gone hand in hand for me, whether listening to my own tunes on the road, or hearing something new wherever I happen to be, music is one sure way to augment any travel experience (food, drink, art and dance being a few others).

Tonight, our voyage was short, but sweet. As I drove our family home from a wonderful all-you-can-sAnInnocentMantuff-into-your-belly sushi feast at Yame Sushi with some very close friends, my husband scanned the music on the radio and after pausing briefly on a couple of stations, stopped on 80’s on 8 Sirius RadioBilly Joel was blasting out “Innocent Man”, and I was transported back to the night I heard him sing at Maple Leaf Gardens, a lifetime ago. Driving my family home, happy, warm and satiated, I had an amazing feeling of joy flood over me as my kids connected with a facet of my past. I knew this was one of those fleeting, sacred, family instances, each of us linked in this special moment. The boys, who had been chattering away in the back seat, fell completely silent. They were riveted.

I turned the volume up and sang along quietly, then our youngest son contemplatively declared, “Man, I didn’t know that this old stuff was so good! I’m happy to cut out Kanye and listen to more of this...”

That was an hour ago. I’m still grinning. Thanks for the win, Billy!


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