On Cuba… go now!

Being married to a Cuban, and having travelled to the country nine times already, I feel I have a certain level of authority to speak about travelling to Cuba. And today, more than ever, I wish I were there myself.

Unless you livecurs under a rock, you’re probably aware of the fact that things in Cuba are changing fast… Tonight, the Rolling Stones will play for 500,000 people in Havana –  an unprecedented event and the biggestobama cuba concert Cuba has ever seen. Last week the Obamas had the first state visit to the country in 90 years. From Anthony Bourdain‘s gastro tour of Havana to Naomi Campbell and Paris Hilton making the short hop to the island to get a first hand view of what the fuss is all about, Cuba is on the map and in the news.

Cuba iaucus magic… bittersweet magic. A place that, as it stands today, will inspire you and break your heart at the same time. And, just as I firmly believe that every single one of us must live through heartbreak at least once in our lives to truly understand what love is, I

Abuelo, introducing his grandson to the jicotea.

know that experiencing Cuba was a turning point in my own personal journey.

Auténtica Cuba – the slogan needs no translation, and whoever came up with it spoke from the heart. Cuba is a place like no other. I started pinning the destinations I’ve been to around the world into my travel map on TripAdvisor (this is cool – try it!), and with 156,835 kilometres travelled, I can say I have never felt a connection to a place like I did in Cuba (and yes, I brought my own piece of Cuba home with me to keep forever!) Maybe one day we’ll retire there… who knows!

I highly recommend anyone and everyone who has the means to visit Cuba to go as soon as possible, and let the place into your heart… you won’t regret it, and you’ll surely learn a little (or a lot) about yourself while you’re at it.

Oh, for those of you who are concerned – the food is fine (please don’t expect to eat delicious French food in Cuba – you wouldn’t expect good Cuban food in France), yes, you’ll be safe… it’s safer than here, and the water is treated, so while you’ll probably stick to bottled water, you’ll be fine if you rinse your toothbrush in the sink.

Go to Cuba now, before it changes forever… you’ll never again have a chance to experience the place as it is today, because tomorrow it will be gone. Even Global News says so!

Our eldest on his second trip to Cuba, breathing in the fresh sea air at the Castillo del Morro in Havana.

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